Anxious? Stressed? Entering a life transition?

Benjamin Watkins – Qualified Counsellor
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Move past life's challenges

Is anxiety, stress or depression preventing you from living at your full potential?

Does your anger or distress in some situations mean that you struggle to control your emotions and your relationships are suffering?

Maybe you’re going through a transitional phase of your life and are trying to make sense of the change.

Ever feel like you’re not ‘enough’? And wish you could perform better as a partner, parent, student, professional or athlete?

Or perhaps you need help defining your purpose and setting achievable goals?

As a qualified and experienced Counsellor, I help people like you move past life’s challenges, so you can live life to the fullest.

As a qualified and experienced Counsellor I work with people like you.

How I help

My holistic, solution-focused approach means that we’ll work together to identify any issues that impact your life and work through them.

Together we tackle issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, grief, relationship issues and anger with an individual approach that matches your needs

We’ll create a plan to help you move past life’s challenges by identifying realistic steps that you can take to make changes.

I’ll help you find your motivation to take the action you need to reach your goals for therapy. You do the work, knowing that I’ve got your back.

And because life can be hard enough, you can count on me to make the process uplifting and fulfilling.

Reach your full potential


Benjamin Watkins is a qualified & accredited Counsellor & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner who’s passionate about supporting people who are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues & transitional life challenges.


Whether you need help balancing work and home life, reaching your full potential as an athlete, or driving your business to the next level, Performance coaching with Benjamin Watkins will help you smash your goals.

Personalised Online Wellbeing Report

The Adesso®️ Wellbeing report helps us identify, prioritise and manage aspects of our life to ensure we get the best from ourselves and the best bit, it is all based on your needs and life priorities!

Meet Benjamin Watkins.

Qualified Counsellor

Benjamin is dedicated to helping you through tough times & move past life’s challenges. He’s created an accessible, down-to-earth, and solution-focused practice that offers everyone an opportunity to reach their full potential utilising counselling and coaching methodology and techniques.


“Benjamin gets straight to the point and addresses exactly what’s the best for you and your business going forward. No subject is off limits and Benjamin takes great pleasure in taking both your mental & business game to the next level. He gave me the confidence to do things I wouldn’t have thought of doing previously. Thank you, Benjamin”

Harry Lancaster, Online Running Coach, UK.