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Benjamin Watkins – Qualified Counsellor
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HowCounselling can help you

Life’s stresses often affect every area of our lives. From how we think about ourselves, to relationships with others which can even impact careers and business.

Counselling can help you understand why you might react in certain situations with anger, frustration, fear, or shame. Under Benjamin’s guidance, you’ll learn to push past stress, anxiety, and depression and deal with negative emotions to get you back to your full potential. Learning techniques and strategies to alter how we react to stressful situations in life can lead to long-term behavioural changes.

With a holistic, solution-focused and tailored approach, the goal is to find healthy ways to overcome problems and supply you with the tools you need for ongoing change.

And because no two people are the same, I believe that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to counselling.

I’ll meet you where you’re at. Support you through the hard times. And celebrate your wins with you. All without judgement and in complete confidence.

How to know if it’s the right time to seek Counselling

When you can’t shake feeling sad and are no longer finding joy in activities that you used to look forward to.

Feeling constantly overwhelmed or excessively stressed.

Reacting to some situations, or people with anger and/or frustration.

When anxiety is preventing you from engaging in normal daily activities or keeping you awake at night.

If you feel like you’re becoming increasingly anti-social, withdrawing from friends and family.

If you’re finding it harder to regulate your emotions such as anger, frustration or sadness.

If you’re finding it harder to regulate your emotions.

During life transitions, such as a relationship breakdown, job loss, or mourning.

After experiencing a traumatic event or an abusive relationship.

If you’re using unhealthy coping mechanisms such as disordered eating, gambling substance or abuse.

If you’re finding it difficult to communicate effectively with your partner and the relationship has become unfulfilling.

Or simply feeling ‘stuck’ and knowing that you’re not performing at your full potential.

How Counselling with Benjamin Watkins works

I work with individuals, couples, students, athletes, teams and business owners.

You don’t need a referral from a health professional.

New Clients can schedule an initial phone call where we’ll chat about how I can help.

We’ll make a plan for follow-up sessions, either in person or via telehealth.

I use a variety of counselling & coaching strategies and methodologies to help you achieve your goals.

The outcome? You perform at your full potential.

Ben has been monumental in my personal growth and self-awareness. He’s helped me to recognise the good that I’m doing within myself and to celebrate the wins, big and small. Ben has truly helped me to re-frame a lot of the ways I would normally think negatively and find the good in a lot of hard situations.
I cannot recommend Ben highly enough.


– Lachlan. Google review. 2024.