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+ 50 Minute one-on-one debrief (optional)

Your wellbeing impacts everything that you do, therefore we need to understand how to best manage it to improve our lives.

But often we are stuck and unsure of what area to start with or where we are underperforming based on our own KPIs for life.

The Adesso®️ Wellbeing profile helps us identify, prioritise and manage aspects of our life to ensure we get the best from ourselves and the best bit, it is all based on your needs and life priorities!

This profile does not compare you to others in your age group or to the world’s highest performers, instead, it finds your levels of importance for success in each of the 5 primary drivers of well-being.

The Wellbeing profile looks at the five primary drivers of wellbeing (Antoniette Gomez) and was created in collaboration with the Australian National University.

Each of the five primary drivers has three sub-drivers that allow us to get deeper into what drives you and what you may be missing in your current life. In the report, we will explore each of the areas and how you have rated against your own level of importance for each area.

Benefit #1

Detailed 20+ page report into your current wellbeing status in the 5 primary drivers of wellbeing Purpose, Mind, Body, Connection, and Financial.

Benefit #2

Online debrief with certified Adesso®️ Practitioner, Qualified Counsellor and Master NLP Coach Benjamin Watkins.

As well as options for ongoing support from Benjamin to ensure you make the positive changes you want.

Benefit #3

Combines some of the most well known and respected research in the field of wellbeing. Including Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Gallup-Healthways Wellbeing Index into one easy to understand report.


Includes access to my worksheets.

Your secure personalised well-being profile link will be sent to you via email within 24 hours. In the meantime you can download and get started with the included worksheets.

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The five primary drivers of wellbeing and their sub-drivers according to the Adesso®️ model


*Engagement – Engaged individuals are curious, interested, motivated and persistent in the face of challenges.

*Growth – Self-guided improvement – economically, intellectually or emotionally.

*Fulfilment – The fulfilment of one’s aspirations; to achieve the fulfilment of one’s hopes.


*Resilience – The ability to recover from setbacks, adapt well to change and keep going during times of adversity.

*Positive emotions – Emotions that are void of negativity, enabling you to see and think clearly.

*Focus – The ability to focus in an absorbed way without being distracted by sensory or emotional distractions.


*Sleep – The resting state when the body is not active and the mind is unconscious.

*Nutrition – Providing the body with the necessary food for health and growth.

*Activity – Moving the body in a healthy way for positive physical health.


*Relationships – Close connections between people formed by emotional bonds and positive interactions.

*Belonging – Acceptance as a member or part of a group, family or social connection.

*Communication – The ability to convey or share ideas and feelings effectively.


*Peace of mind – A condition where one does not have to continuously worry about their ability to meet their financial obligations.

*Security – The feeling when you aren’t worried about your income and expenses financially.

*Contribution – The part played by a person in contributing to a cause financially or in other ways.

The Adesso®️ Wellbeing report lets us quickly see what you value as integral to your wellbeing and where the gaps are currently. Allowing us to focus on what you need NOW rather than spend time trying to figure it out.

Interested in a well-being profile for your workplace or organisation?

Adesso®️ well-being profile is available for your team in your workplace or team environment.

46% of workers feel their workplace is unhealthy and 76% of line managers believe that employee wellbeing is their responsibility (ABS data).

So where do you start? The Adesso®️ well-being profile and onsite group debrief offer your team the chance to explore their own individual needs as well as develop ways to create positive and lasting well-being change in your workplace.

Stats from the ABS show that around 20% of people a year reported taking time off from work due to having wellbeing concerns. This impacts your team, the ability to perform as a business and of course, impacts the bottom line.

If you want to know more about the Adesso®️ well-being profile for your business please contact Benjamin to discuss.

Contact enquiry@benjaminwatkins.com.au to discuss your needs and explore the benefits and how this can improve the well-being of your team.

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